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CEO Letter   



Since the establishment of ideal Arabia company in Saudi Arabia,  we find the values and concepts in the field of public health, and we have taken over the past decade a lot of bold  steps, and we have invested in the  fields  associated with the integrated pest management,   as  a result we have founded   Arena Public Health Co.  in Jordan . Arena  today   is  providing  high efforts to transfer a valuable  message and international  expertise in public health field.  In parallel we have   established a strong business relationship  with the biggest companies in the field of public health  in USA to provide  consultancy  services to our key accounts customers  and government  sector.

The modern thinking, innovation and creativity are one of the most important cornerstones  in our company, since the beginning of early  Awareness concept in Pest Control. The basic principle that governs our business is credibility, safety and preservation of public  safety for a safe healthy environment, and this is the principle that we commit   to our customers, partners and employees.

 Over twenty  years  we have sought to take bold steps towards an unprecedented expansion and Joining  global memberships in this sector to develop expertise,  and today we clearly see the fruits of our efforts, as we turned from a small company to a large international company  specialized  in pest control with professional skills and high knowledge, To become a role  model in the field of public health.

We have put  in our mind  a  future vision in accordance with the capabilities  to  become one of the  global companies  by  providing  high-quality  service,  gain customers confidence and  improve public  health level .


Eng.  Ahmad Khalaf


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